Apply For Canada Launched Dedicated Agri-Food Industry Immigration Programme


It right time you benefit from the newly launched Canada Dedicated Agri-Food Industry Immigration Programme.

If you have been wanting a trip or to live in Canada, then this is the right time to do so because Canada now has a very open border to welcome all immigrants from any part of the world.

Do you know you can easily migrate to Canada and get Permanent Residence easily?

Getting a Canadian visa now is not that difficult again compared to USA visa and Australia. You can easily do this within any bank in your locality or ask questions. Let’s get to the main topic of the day which is how to apply for Canada Launched Dedicated Agri-Food Industry Immigration Programme.

If you or anyone you know has ever wanted to move to Canada, now is the time as the Government is set to make sure that the immigrants have a job and settle down.

The Canadian government has announced plans to roll out a new and exciting three-year immigration pilot that will be dedicated to supporting the growth of the country’s agri-food sector.

In the 2019 budget that was released on March 19th, 2019, the Canadian government stated that the ambitious program would bring in a significant number of non-seasonal agricultural workers who will be considered for permanent residency in the future.

The agricultural workers will receive a three-year visa that will be renewable upon expiry. Since this program is non-seasonal, it will offer these workers an opportunity to seek permanent Canadian residency at the end of the three years.

The Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, IRCC reports that this program will greatly help foreign workers move to Canada through the temporary work visas program but with the option of changing the work visa into permanent residency which is a relatively easy path to Canada Citizenship.

It is good to note that Canada has been accepting seasonal foreign workers from specific countries for various farm activities such as fruit picking and harvesting. However, foreign workers who have been coming into the country through this route are forced to work under a single employer and return to their countries upon the end of the working season.


The Canadian Meat Council (CMC) has come out and supported these plans. In a recently released update, the CMC says that it has persuaded the federal government to bring in up to 2,750 immigrants to fill various vacancies such in the meat counsel such as meat processors, meat packers, and equipment suppliers.

These positions haven’t been filled by Canadians, and they remain vacant. According to the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table report that was published in September 2018, there is a need to address the immediate labor shortages that face the agricultural sector and utilize the country’s permanent immigration and temporary foreign worker programs to attract skilled workers in the agricultural industry.

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